It’s crowded out there and only the best stories, told with consideration and panache, will reach their audience.

Stories are signals, and the right creative concept, executed imaginatively, delivers a powerful signal amidst the noise and demands the right sort of attention.

In today’s media environment, creative execution can take many forms and choosing the vehicle for your story or idea is as much of a creative challenge as coming up with a story in the first place. Understanding where your audience live and how they behave on the platforms they occupy is key to choosing creative that works with your audience and for your business.

I’ve spent 16 years conceiving and executing ideas for a variety of businesses, for a variety of audiences, on a variety of platforms. I’ve made films for TV and the web, apps and websites big and small, games, products and services. Below is a selection of work that I’ve been responsible for and involved with. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.